Protect the Food We Eat

Sign The Farm Bill

Some examples of provisions in the bill:
Genetically modified (GM) crops would be exempted from environmental reviews, and could go on sale even without approval from the USDA.
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as food stamps) will be cut by $16 billion, meaning over 2 million working class families and children will lose benefits.
Large subsidized growers (who already have household incomes >$200k on average) will get higher price guarantees for their crops, giving megafarms even more power to drive small-scale farmers out of business.
At a time when demand for organic food is soaring, this bill will repeal a program that helps defray the costs of organic certification for farms.
State standards for farm and food production would be blocked. This would stop a recently passed CA law that mandates more humane treatment for egg-laying chickens.
The bill is so flawed that even USDA chief Tom Vilsack issued a critical statement, saying “These cuts wouldn’t just leave Americans hungry – they would stunt economic growth. The bill also makes misguided reductions to critical energy and conservation program efforts.”

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