How Dental Mercury Harms Your Health

Consumers are unaware of these dangers. Earlier this year I had all of my amalgam fillings replaced. It’s very important to research and ask the right questions because there’s a certain way to remove the mercury fillings carefully without ingesting any of it. Before removing the filling your Dentist has to put a blue plastic guard over your mouth protecting your gums, teeth and throat. This is to insure that the mercury and any particles are trapped and not ingested.

“Mercury Filings are Not Safe”

Consumers for Dental Choice
By Charlie Brown
“I do not approve the practice of any who use mercury or quicksilver as an ingredient for stopping teeth, and would not privately recommend any one to go to such.”

– Eleazar Parmly, M.D.

Dr. Eleazar Parmly’s warning about the dangers of amalgam fillings was not issued in 2012…nor even in 1912…he spoke these words way back in 1845. Over 150 years later, health professionals still voice those same concerns about amalgam – a product that is 50 percent mercury by weight. Over 150 years later, some dentists (albeit an ever-dwindling number) still claim that mercury is safe in people’s mouths. Over 150 years later, even children are still subjected to the unnecessary exposure to mercury fillings.

Enough is enough.

Read more about the harmful dangers of mercury fillings here:

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