Eat Cabbage for Beautiful Glowing Skin and Hair

If you want beautiful glowing skin, and an immune system powerful enough to fight off just about anything, don’t forget this highly nutritious but common vegetable.

Cabbage is powerful. Ancient healers thought it contained moon power because it grew in the moonlight. Modern nutritional science understands its power comes from its high sulfur and vitamin C content. Either way – it’s worth adding to your weekly diet.

Cabbage Benefits:

  • Ideal for weight loss because it is very low in calories and fat.
  • One of the least expensive vegetables per pound for nutritional content
  • High in sulfur – the beautifying mineral. (see below).
  • For women cabbage is a great source of iron and calcium.
  • Cabbage has 6-8 times the vitamin C content of an orange.
  • The Romans used cabbage to reduce hangovers from heavy drinking.
  • Sinigrin, just one of the glucosinolates in cabbage, has well-known cancer preventative properties
  • Cure for headaches: used externally as a compress and internally as raw cabbage juice.

Sulfur is called “Natures Beauty Mineral”

Just sitting in sulfur hot springs for a short time can create a noticeable improvement in ones’ complexion. It helps dry up oily and acne skin since it has a drying affect. Internally sulfur is essential for keratin, a protein substance necessary for healthy hair, nails and skin. It also aids the body in resisting bacteria, assisting the immune system, and cleansing the blood.

Types of cabbage:

Bok Choy: A Chinese cabbage with dark green leaves and white stems. Has the highest beta carotene and vitamin A content. (see right)bok choi by John Herschell of flicr 225x300 Cabbage   the Big Powerfood

Green Cabbage: the most common variety; is pale green in colour tightly compacted leaves.

savoy cabbage by summertomato of flicr 300x214 Cabbage   the Big Powerfood

Savoy Cabbage: is green-yellow in colour, with crinkled leaves and is less compact than the green cabbage.

Red Cabbage: this dark purple red cabbage is similar in taste to the green cabbage but with coarser leaves. Red cabbage has almost 3,000 times more anthocyanins (an antioxidant) as green cabbage.

Cato the Elder, a famous Roman senator and author, praised this vegetable for its medicinal properties, declaring that “It is the cabbage that surpasses all other vegetables.”

Author Diana Herrington

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