Cut Sugar, Cut Weight

Wonderful article on HFCS!!

Live Fit & Prosper

Too much sugar wreaks havoc on your diet. Just like all things, the right kinds of sugar in moderation will not kill you. In fact, it isn’t even all that bad. But, not all sugar is created equal. Sugar when naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables is not altogether terrible for you. Your body can break down the naturally occurring sugars and to use them for energy. In fact, your body uses glucose converted from complex carbohydrates and proteins as its main energy source.

However, sugar is added to processed foods and then consumed in excess, it is the enemy. A high sugar diet is one of the great weight loss and overall health saboteurs being linked to problems including poor nutrition, weight gain, tooth decay and increased triglycerides (raising your risk for heart disease).

1. The Horrors of High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup (a.k.a. Corn Sugar) is the most common artificial…

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