10 of the World’s Worst Countries to Live in as a Woman

women on the white house lawn demonstrate for women's rights

The United States: Flawed but Not Fatally So

Jacqueline Nantier (L) dresses in a red, white and blue burka at the We Are Woman rally for women’s rights on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, August 18, 2012.

Attacks and casualties in America’s war on women include everything from sexist comments lobbed off by U.S. lawmakers to sexist and invasive statutes in U.S. state and federal laws, to physical arrest for lawful, peaceful assembly.

The United States clearly needs improvements in women’s rights, and a cross-generational army of activist women is fighting to make those improvements real.

But when the war on women expands to include maternal mortality rates, child marriage, forced marriage, dowry killings, sanctioned rape and endemic sex trafficking, the U.S.—thanks be to the Constitution—is nowhere near making the 10-worst list.

Click through for views of 10 countries that make America look like a woman’s paradise.

Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters



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