Get motivated: Live an active and healthier lifestyle

Really great tips on motivating to exercise and strategies to keep it going.


Get motivated to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Getting motivated to get back in the swing of working out can be tough. So, what should you do? Make a workout plan and commit to it! I found a great article on the Mayo Clinic website: Fitness Programs: 5 Steps to getting started, that will help you plan and get motivated for the healthier new you. Below is my recap on their 5 steps to getting started.

Step 1: Make an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor can give you achievable and healthy benchmarks based on your level of fitness.

Step 2: Create a fitness plan. Don’t set yourself up for failure and plan a workout for everyday. It’s important to do everything in moderation. Planning to run every morning will get old quickly. Instead, find easy workouts that fit your lifestyle, and plan to workout 3 days a week. As you become more comfortable and excited to workout, you…

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