New Study: 4 Key Strategies to Ensure Healthy Aging

20121210-142424.jpgNew research has found four key behaviors that lower your risk of disability, chronic disease and mental health problems as you age.

  • Not smoking
  • Moderate drinking
  • Exercising regularly (at least 2.5 hours a week of moderate activity or 1 hour a week of vigorous activity)
  • Eating vegetables and fruits daily
  • 20121210-142436.jpg

      Now here’s what’s interesting. While each of these was moderately beneficial on its own, increasing the odds of “successful aging” by up to 50 percent, the best rewards came from following all of them simultaneously.

      Those who practiced all four of these tripled their chances of avoiding disability and disease over a 16-year period, and experienced good cognitive, mental, physical, respiratory, and cardiovascular functioning.

      “Although individual healthy behaviors are moderately associated with successful aging, their combined impact is substantial,” the researchers said.


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