Meet The Companies Behind: Big Organic


For the last fifteen years, the largest multinational food corporations have been intensively buying up organic producers in an effort to enter the profitable niche market.

These companies benefit from the premium charged on organic products, a premium that committed consumers will pay because… Boston Review

The organic movement is rapidly growing and big companies want a piece. It’s hard to trust companies like Kraft, Kellogg, and General Mills. It’s important to read your labels even though you’re buying organic. Shop at your local farmers’ markets when you can’t grow your own. Join your local food co-op they’re often a great resource of local and organically grown items.

Every month, millions search Google for farmers markets and local food. To meet that appetite for all things local, will be the ultimate “farmers market,” connecting shoppers to farmers and markets like never before.

For some great tips for buying Organic:

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