Day 4: Breakfast and Lunch

My simple lunch today, consisted of a mixture of vegetables. Really, nothing over the top. I was actually craving for some pasta but, I couldn’t find any whole wheat. I’m going to have to make my own. Everywhere I looked had regular white pasta. I wasn’t overly excited over my lunch today. It’s days like this which makes sticking to a specific diet hard.

My lunch wasn’t filling at all and that’s because I didn’t include any fiber. However, around 2:00pm I did have a grapefruit and half of a pomegrante. It’s after 4:00pm and I feel really hungry. I still have my barley salad leftover so I think I will have that for dinner with some fruit. I don’t feel like cooking anything tonight so leftovers will have to do.

And here for breakfast I had my crunchy peanut butter on a seven grain bread along with my favorite berry smoothie, and my pomegranate white tea.

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