How Safe Are Root Canals?

A recent article by Elisha McFarland on the website had me questioning my two root canals. She states that almost 60 million root canals are performed a year, on individuals who are mistakenly informed that it is a safe and harmless procedure.

“After a root canal, the healthy bacteria changes to highly toxic anaerobic bacteria that will continue to thrive inside and around the tooth, jawbone and periodontal ligament causing numerous potentially long term health problems”, states Elisha.

I actually had two root canals in the past, and now I’m questioning whether or not the procedures were done with the right protocol in place. This is extremely important to read further.

Article by Elisha McFarland

2 thoughts on “How Safe Are Root Canals?

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. I had no idea. I think that Dentists in general are snow blind to some of their practices. Even the use of Fluoride. Let’s face it Fluoride is a toxic chemical, yet many cities add it to their water supply and it is an active ingredient in most toothpaste. If you look at the label on a tube of toothpaste it actually says harmful if swallowed. Here’s a link you might find interesting.

    1. I agree with you! I spoke to my children’s Pediactric dentist about the use of fluoride, and she says its the reason why Americans don’t have tooth decay and serious dental issues. I’ve done enough research on the pros and cons of fluoride, and its not healthy at all no matter how small the doses are that we’re exposed to. My children do not get fluoride treatments she recommends and we use fluoride free toothpaste. Thank you for the link. I love Dr. Mercola, his site is amazing.

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