R.I.P Jabari – Philadelphia Zoo Gorilla Dies Under Anesthesia

Photo: Philadelphia Zoo

Jabari, a 28-year old western lowland gorilla died under anesthesia on Friday Aug 10th while the Philadelphia Zoo’s veterinarians were examining him. He didn’t have much of an appetite on Thursday and he had shown signs of mouth and throat discomfort.

    “As soon as he fell asleep, we knew there was something dramatically wrong,” said Keith Hinshaw, the zoo’s senior veterinarian.

Preliminary findings from a necropsy indicated that Jabari had severe inflammation which resulted in the decline in his appetite, according to Hinshaw. Further analysis will be conducted to find the cause of death.

    “We are shocked and deeply sadden by this tremendous loss,” said Andy Baker, the zoo’s chief operating officer.

The zoo also has four other western lowland gorillas. This species is listed as critically endangered. The zoo had hopes that Jabari and a 14-year old female gorilla named Kira could have mated. It’s been decades since the Philadelphia Zoo had a baby gorilla.

According to the zoo, Jabari was born in 1985 at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. He arrived in Philadelphia from the St. Louis Zoo in 2004.

R. I. P. Jabari, your soul is free from captivity.

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