Smoothies For My Children


You all know by now that I Iove making smoothies and green juices. Well, making them with my three children is even more enjoyable. It’s the perfect time to educate them about the importance of drinking real juices. They love juicing whole fruits and vegetables, my kids just find it to be very cool. I have a Breville juicer so it’s big, shiny, and loud. They have a blast juicing whole apples and carrots. Then, at the end they have their own wonderful healthy juice to drink.

My boys, Justin (11) and Nicholas (9) are not huge fans of the my green vegetable juices, and that’s fine. They will only drink the carrot juice. My daughter on-the-other-hand Lily, who’s 3 by the way, enjoys drinking them. They call her my little minnie-me. She eats and drinks anything raw like her mother.

Allowing my children to assist me while making fresh juices gives me the perfect teaching opportunity. I think it’s important to expose them to real juices. All children should know the difference between real 100% juice and the store bought box juices that are loaded with artificial flavors, dies, and additives. Exposing children at an early age makes them appreciate the real taste and flavors of real juice. Plus, you want them to adapt the same healthy lifestyle habits when they grow up and have their own families.

Also, teaching children about washing produce is just as important and going over why they should always wash fruits and vegetables before eating and preparing them. They need to learn the unfortunate side to that which, are the pesticides that are used on the majority of today’s fruits and vegetables. Unless, you’re buying all organic produce the exposure is less. I always buy organic fruits and vegetables especially, the ones on the Environment Working Group’s list , and shop at local green markets for seasonal fruits and vegetables.

This basic knowledge starts at home. What you eat, cook, and where you shop, and where you choose to dine out is also a learning experience for children. Please choose wisely!

8 thoughts on “Smoothies For My Children

  1. This looks yummy! I love anything made with bananas:). I need to do this more for my son. He loves juice and will drink boxes of the artificial stuff if I don’t keep an eye on him. After putting the chopped fruits in the juicer, did you add any ice? Was it made with milk or water? Please share.I would love to try this mix. Thanks!

    1. This is super easy and great with kids as you know. Each child added whatever fruit they wanted and we used almond milk and ice. You can use any 100% fruit juice if you don’t want to use the almond milk. It was delicious.

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