Can an apple a day really keep the doctor and the pounds away?  Possibly! A study was conducted at the research center of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab on the effects of apples and food control. Researchers found that people who ate an apple sample before going grocery shopping bought 28 percent more fruits and vegetables than those who ate cookies, and 25 percent more than those who went snack-free. “Having a healthy snack right before you walk through the supermarket doors will put you in a healthier frame of mind and lead you to make smarter choices”, explains study co-author Aner Tal, PhD.   

From Hudson Vally

The lesson here is, just eat an apple everyday because you’ll shop more healthier, and don’t forget it also keeps the doctor away.  I also recommend it being an organic apple.  Apples in the United States are unfortunately strayed with a cocktail of pesticides. It’s also ranked as one of the highly sprayed fruits on the Environmental Working Group’s list.  

Choose wisely, live wisely. Know your facts!

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