My Okra Plant Flower Blooms

How pretty is that, a full okra bloom. This is my second year growing okras and my first time seeing the blooms. Gorgeous, isn’t it! Okra is in the same family as hibiscus and the flowers are actually edible. The blooms can be added to raw salads, or battered and deep fried.  I’m not interested in either options. The blooms are pretty and I would rather enjoy them visually.  

As a child, I hated okras. It use to gross me out whenever I saw people eating it and my parents never forced me to eat them amongst other things.  I’m guessing because it was always slimy and appalling for us. It’s funny as you grow up your palette changes.   My outlook today is totally different. I eat it like its nothing. Plus, everything else that is organically plant-based healthy.

I planted two okra plants this year, and I average about one to two okras a week.  It isn’t much but it’s enough for me because I have so many other vegetables I mix them in with.  The key is to harvest the pods right away. This will provide you with tender, delicious pods. Plus, it will promote more pod growth on your plant. I usually harvest once the pods are about 3-4 inches and they are super tender. I don’t like when the pods are over 4 inches because they tend to be too tough and hard. The younger the better. 

Add okra to your garden because it’s a great addition and a very nutritional part of the menu. 

3 thoughts on “My Okra Plant Flower Blooms

  1. Very pretty. I didn’t know okra had flower blossoms. Wow! I’ve always loved okra. Perhaps, because of the way it was prepared.

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