TIP of the Day! 

Eat Foods That Support Glutathione Production. 

What Does Glutathione Do? It helps your immune system fight off infections and diseases. Our bodies produce glutathione, but as we age, it declines. Free radicals in the environment like pesticides and herbicides in the foods you eat, infections, and diseases are detrimental to our bodies. Glutathione steps in and carries these toxins out of the body through your bile and stool. Without glutathione, sickness takes over. The correlation here is, eat foods rich in glutathione to support your bodies defend mechanism. Why do you think old people get sick often with colds and diseases? Glutathione is extremely low in older people and for people who don’t eat a healthy plant enriched diet. 

Where To Get Glutathione? Sulfur-rich foods like Brussels Sprouts, broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, cauliflower, watercress, etc. Incorporating a plant-based enriched diet with these foods and whole grains, legumes, fruits and an array of vegetables will boost your glutathione levels. 

Kale – Is rich in glutathione.

Why Eat Raw Foods?  Fruits and vegetables contains natural enzymes our bodies depend on to aid in digestion. Heathing these foods to high temperatures kills these enzymes.  It’s not easy to eat everything raw, but lightly sautéed foods may hold on to some enzymes.  For insurance, I do smoothies, juicing greens and raw salads. There’s no boundaries as to what you can add to them.  Incorporating raw foods into your diet by drinking smoothies, fresh juices and salads is the best antidote. Kale, cabbages, asparagus, watercress and onions are sulfur rich glutathione vegetables that works great for any of these options. Don’t be afraid to try new ingredients. Find what works for you. 


What is Glutathione? 

Reap the Benefits of Glutathione

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