What Gets You Through the Mornings?


     For me, I rely on my fresh green juices. Fresh juice from raw foods like spinach, carrots, kale, and collards green are the easiest sources and most effective way to get your greens in your diet. It’s also providing me with high quality nutritional vitamins and minerals. Plus, a boost of energy. You would be surprised by how a cup of fresh green juice can boosts your energy. Most people start their day off with coffee and honestly, a cup a day won’t hurt, but don’t skip your green juice. Make it apart of your daily routine like your coffee runs.  The greener the veggies, the better.  That green pigment is the chlorophyll, and that’s what detoxifies our blood, there’s also anti-cancer properties, and alleviates candida problems and so much more. The very best sources of chlorophyll found on the planet are dark green vegetables and algae. 

In my cup I have spinach, kale, green apple, lemon (without the skin), ginger and celery.  With these simple ingredients you’ll definitely get your energy levels up. The options are endless when it comes to fresh juices.  My philosophy is simple, eat lots of whole plants no matter how you choose to do it, just get the rainbow of colors in your diet. I’m a big lover of salads, smoothies, vegan dishes and fresh juices. Substitute one of your typical meals for a large bowl of salad and add a fresh juice to that also.  This way you’ll make your quota for the day. 

Fresh Juice Recipes – just a handful of each green plant is needed. 

Classic – kale, Swiss chard, spinach, celery, apple, lemon, ginger

Sweet – kale, spinach, pineapple, mint, half of jalapeño 

Orange delight – carrots, granny smith apple 

Vitamin C Boost– gradefruit, orange, lemon, ginger and dash of cayenne pepper 

Article:  Why Consume More Plants? 


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