Just Me!


Just me enjoying a chocolate chip cookie from my favorite New York City café, The City Bakery.  Owner Maury Rubin, creator of Birdbath opened the bakery in 1997.  Their cookies are amazingly delicious!  My ultimate favorite are the melted chocolate chip cookies. That cookie sells out the fastest.  It’s so decadent, it’s like eating a brownie but a flat round version of one. Each bite is filled with a thick chunck of melted chocolate. It’s to die for, literally!    

City Bakery is also famous for their pretzel croissants.  It was once featured in the New York Times article titled, From Croissant to Cronut as the “New Frankenpastry”.  They pump out over 500 a day.  This cronut is like no other. It is the perfect mixture! They’re also known for their annual Hot Chocolate Festival.  This festival is spectacular!  It’s always held in February (go figure), and on each day the bakery creates wonderful hot chocolate recipes with exotic ingredients. Like for instance, Chili Pepper Hot Chocolate, Bourbon Hot Chocolate, “Love Potion” Hot Chocolate, Peruvian Hot Chocolate, Beer, Caramel, Tropical and so much more. And don’t forget to top it with a chunck of their own in-house marshmallow.  It’s a chocolate haven for chocolate lovers like myself.    

City Bakery is a unique bakery in and of itself. The foods amazing, the service is on point, and décor is friendly and inviting.