Strawberries Are Back 

Strawberries are back and in full-swing of things at the Union Square Green Market.  They’re super sweet, juicy, and delicious!  You’ll never find these beauties at your supermarket.  What also sets these beauties apart from the regular store-bought brands is there texture. The strawberry from the local farmers are much more tender and delicate, thus making them more juicy.

They’re in season now so stop by your local farmers market and get’em while you can.  To find your local farmers market click here.  Nutritional information on strawberry can also be found here


Buy Local Honey

Buying local honey supports beekeepers. Plus, it’s great for the environment.  No one wants to deal with the middle-man, and that’s why I love my farmers market.   Beekeepers travel from upstate New York and from right here in NYC to sell at local markets throughout the Five Boroughs.  We have Beekeepers on rooftops and in many urban backyards.  Locals areas like Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and all over.  Many of them like Brooklyn Grange and Bronx Bees offer programs to help others. You will also find local honey at Whole Foods

I purchased this bottle of raw honey from my local market at Union Square Greenmarket, and the beekeeper is Andrzej Kurosz from Warwick, NY.  Sweet Things Wild Thyme and Honey is raw, chemical free, and pure. 

Compared to other sweeteners, raw honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.  It is a potent anti-infection/anti-inflammatory bee product, which is a natural option to antibiotics. Plus, it is also great for building up your resistance to allergens.  I’ve already started taking a teaspoon a day and I sprinkle some bee pollen in my food as well.  The pollen is the male seed of flowers and it’s also rich in vitamins and minerals.  But get this, bee pollen is rich in protein.

In addition to that, taking bee pollen may reduce the presence of histamine, which can ameliorate many allergies. It works for me.  Around springtime my allergies starts to act up. My eyes are irritated, I sneeze constantly, and I basically feel and look like crap.  

Last year, I started taking the bee pollen and it really build up my tolerance and reduced my attacks. You might want to research it. Also, if you’re allergic to bee stings or have sensitivities to foods, it’s best you consult with an alternative medical doctor or any other qualified healthcare professional before trying bee pollen. 

Go out and support your local farm, and don’t forget the local beekeeper. 

Resources: Bronx Bees, Brooklyn Grange Farm, Bee Pollen As A Superfood, New York City Beekeepers Association 


Supporting Local Food and Farms

Support your local farmers market by going and purchasing fresh organic produce, grass-fed meats, pastured raised chickens/eggs, and dairy products.  These simple actions are vital to our nations history and our existence.  Without high-quality farmland we are wasting one of the world’s most important resources.  

The 2007 National Resources Inventory reported, America is loosing more than an acre of farmland per minute. It’s due to rapid modern developments.  According to the American Farmland Trust, these working lands keep our taxes down and maintain the legacy of our agricultural heritage.  We as American have a responsibility to protect this most valuae resources for future generations. Shopping in a supermarket with cold freezers and processed foods have become our norm. It’s time to go back to our heritage and buy farm fresh foods. 

Helping is simple and easy. Urge Congress to protect farmland conservation funding by sending letters to your Senators or Representatives, sign petitions, donate, and most importantly go shop at your local farmers market.  Make that commitment to buy locally and advocate for laws that help family farmers and their heirs — stay on their land. 

For more information visit: Farmland website to gather more information. 

Sign this petition to protect the farmland conservation funding.

Donate to save a family farm. 

Find out who your representers are here


Seven Ways to Save Farmland


Take Action

Malic Acid in Your Granny Smith Apples


Granny Smith apples are a crisp, tart delicious apple. They contain more malic acid, which is responsible for their distinctive “sour” taste than any other apple. I think the Granny Smith’s are the best tasting apple to juice with. The tart flavor adds a wonderful dimension to juices, there’s also a slight hint of sweetness in them that’s perfect for green juices.

Granny Smith apples is a key ingredient in the Gerson Therapy because the acid is super beneficial, as it stimulates the metabolism and helps to detox heavy metals. Katheryn Alexander, a Gerson practitioner in Australia, also explains how tart apples enhance the other ingredients in the juices:

“Sour apples are higher in potassium malate and higher in pectin (good for chelating heavy metals), they can also extract higher amounts of nutrients from the pulped vegetables due to their higher acidity, so you end up with a more nutrient-rich juice.”

Granny Smith apples are also delicious in apple pies. They add an amazing tart and sweetish taste when combined with other sweet apples.

Gerson Therapy
Vegan Apple Pie

Vegan Salad: No lettuce Required


Who says, you need lettuce to make a salad? I know, but I won’t mention who for the sake of his reputation. A salad doesn’t need lettuce in order for it to be considered a salad. A salad can be a combination of any fruit, vegetable, or grain.

This particular salad I’m showcasing doesn’t have any. It’s just a simple organic salad I put together at work. It has tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, peaches, apples, and a baked sweet potato. Most of these items, came from my local farmers market. It’s important that everyone go out and support their local farmers market.

It’s really an awesome feeling meeting and buying foods from the actual growers. Plus, the freshness and flavors of the fruits and vegetables are amazing. There’s also dairy farms, turkey farms, organic bakery’s, honey farms, fresh eggs, wine, wild fish and so much more.

Grocery store foods are highly processed and grown using pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modification. Buying from local family owned farms the food is generally grown organically while using methods that minimizes the impact on the earth, and the food is fresher and healthier. Please go out and support your local farms.

Here’s a picture of everything before it was cut up. There was no reasoning behind selecting these items. They were randomly selected with only one goal in mind, “I’m not paying for another city lunch!” Buying lunch in Manhattan can be very costly, so I try to bring in my lunch as much as I can. Plus, its healthier preparing and cooking your own meals.

Find out below where you can locate your local farmers market. Go out and support them!

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I Love My Farmers Market

Just a variety of vegetables I picked up at my farmers market


Purple Radish

Green Leaf Lettuce


Pumpkins of all varieties

String Beans