Me and My Lady Friends

I woke up thinking it was Friday this morning. SMH! You could just imagine the feeling that overcame me when my reality settled in.  It’s not TGIF, instead Hump Day.  I was even planning out my weekend laying in bed. Oh well, it’s Wednesday, so I thank God for waking me up, and I got myself and the family ready to hit the city pavement.  The night before, I was pretty busy cooking, cleaning, and entertaining one of my favorite cousins, Ken.  I gave him a grand tour of OrganicREADY’s garden and of course shared some of my harvest with him. Ken left with a yellow squash, kale, callaloo, a green bell pepper and two eggplants.  After all of that and putting the kids to bed, guess where I went, back in the garden. 

Gardening is exceedingly rewarding, as you see here, but time consuming. That’s my beautiful organic eggplant above.  I grilled it on the stove yesterday and it was yummy!!  Growing my own vegetables have significantly cut down the cost of my monthly grocery bill.  I’m practically growing a little of everything. There’s carrots, cucumbers, garlic, yard beans, cabbages, tomatoes, peppers, hot and sweet and much more. It’s a wonderful feeling and my hobby. Gardening takes patience, planning, strength, and tender loving care.  Me and the family prune, weed, till, mulch, fertilize, water and so much more.  My body is extremly limited due to injuries I sustained in an accident earlier this year.  Lucky for me, my family helps out immensely. I wouldn’t give up gardening for anything.  Come to think of it, it’s my stress reliever.  I just wish I had an extra three hours in my day to get everything done.  Summertime is a busy time for me, especially; during the week because I also work. I average about 5-6 hours of sleep a night, where as, during the fall and winter months, it’s between 8-9 hours.  

Look at my eyes and my hairline, LOL! Last night, I got four hours of sleep time and my eyes are feeling heavy, dry and they even look dark.  Thank goodness for undereye concealers.  Hopefully, I’ll make up for it tonight.  My edges (hairline), on the other hand, needs some tender loving care or more like a dye job. Not going to happen this weekend! The grays will have to wait.  My priorities have shifted to my garden so my eye pencil will have to suffice for now.  

Check out my beets and some of my beautiful garden friends, the Ladybug. They play a natural/organic role in controlling unwanted pests in the garden. Ladybugs feast on aphids and anything smaller than them.  I ordered these from GrowOrganic. Aphids are annoying but so far, my ladybugs are keeping them at bay. 

Are you planting a garden this year? What’s in it? I would love to share ideas and tips🌱

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